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Tools for Quality and Processes Improvement


They work both with Windows and with Mac. Releases for new updates will be available at not cost for 2 years. Supplied in English and in Spanish. For further information contact with 


SPC - Statistical Process Control Charts                      
- Xbar & R-chart
- Individual & Moving range Chart
- Histogram – Distribution of results Chart
- Full range of data and/or divided into series fully automated and friendly use

- Supplied with Instructions handbook and demo.                  

                                                                                                 Demo and detailed information 


PARETO charts                                                                    

Problems solving. It helps us in prioritizing our efforts. By identifying only 20 % of the causes and focusing only on these we solve about 80 % of  effects.

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ISHIKAWA  diagram  
causes-and-effects diagram                   

Problem solving by helping to identify potential root causes enhancing a collaborative work.

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Red Beads Experiment (software)              

Application for helpìng in the presentation of the experiment by making calculations and charts.        

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