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SPC Statistical Process Control 

Control Charts for continual improvement

Application for processes improvement throug studying its behavior with the help of control charts. SPC -Statistical Process Control- used by Shewhart, Deming and Wheeler, charting X and moving ranges. This allows for full periods analysis or to divide it in shorter periods. It works both with Windows and with Mac.

New release, version 5.0, of February 2013, includes the following functions:
         - Xbar & R-chart
         - Individual & Moving range Chart    
         - Histogram
         - Distribution of results Chart

         - Full range of data and/or divided into series fully automated and friendly use

Full period:


Period divided in series:

It helps in evaluating system and processes behaviors:

  • Identifying whether the variation causes belong to the system (systemic, natural, common) or are special causes.
  • Drawing the charts with the system’s noise limits for X (UCL - LCL) and for the Range chart too.
  • Identifying whether the process is under control and predictable.
  • Identifyinf whether there are common or special causes of variation.I
  • Process capability Cp, CpkCpm

  •      Up to 200 individual data
        Up to 35 subgroups from 2 to 10 measurements

                      -  DEMO with user instructions -                                                             - Histogram -

    Get free the instructions manual, mailing, giving your name and writing "Instructions Manual" in the subject.

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